Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Your City Rocks

Recently we can't go anywhere without my kids scanning the area for rocks. Yup rocks. Recently this new game has popped up in our town. Kids and Adults are taking regular ol' rocks and painting them with really fun designs. And then they take these cool rocks and leave them in random places around town. Then they add some hints as to where they have hidden these cool rocks. Other kids can then head out to find the rocks. 

My kids loved this idea and were super stoked to find some rocks at a park while walking the dog. 

They were inspired to paint their own rocks. They spent a fun and more importantly quiet afternoon painting rocks. 

Then on our next trip to the grocery store and the library the girls left their rocks behind.

I added some hints on the local Facebook page and a little while later someone posted a picture of themselves with my girls rocks! They were so excited.

This is such a simple little local project, but it has been such a fun one that has got us out of the house more, let my kids be creative and let us communicate with members of our community.

This is such an easy project to start in your community! 

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  1. I love this. So thoughtful you and your kids are. What a delightful way to share time with your young ones and help build fun bonds in the community.


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