Sunday, July 9, 2017

Queventure Time!

2017 has been an exciting and busy year for us. With getting the kids through school and busy days at work, it did not leave us with a lot of free time. But we are back and have a great new series for you. 

Our very own Irene, along with her husband Diego and their 3 kids spent the first part of the summer selling their worldly possessions and last week they started an adventure of a life time. As a family of 5 they will be spending the next year or so traveling though Mexico, Central, and South America. This is stuff that dreams are made of and we are so excited to follow along with them. 

You get to hear about Irene's travel experiences on our blog with a new series called...

"Hermamas Tales from Abroad"

Parenting and maintaining a marriage while traveling will come with its own challenges and we can't wait to share Irene's perspective with all of you.

You can also follow along with the Quevedo's Adventure over on their brand new blog

They are currently in Puerto Rico and the blog just went live. Adventure is out there and the Quevedo's will find it and share it with the world!

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