Friday, July 14, 2017

Hermamas Tales from Abroad: My Review of Puerto Rico

It's so good to be back on after a whirlwind 2017. Life kept me so busy with our family's decision to travel indefinitely, I haven't spent much time, if any, blogging. But, we are back and moving full speed ahead with travel and adventure taking center-stage.

I recently wrapped up a trip to Puerto Rico and I must say PR is worth a visit for families, couples, and friends alike. My time in PR is the first stop in what will be long-term travel through Latin America. I'll get to visit some of the best hotspots of this region of the world. Sharing my adventures will hopefully spark travel inspiration in your families too.

Let's start with why your next travel destination could very well be Puerto Rico:

- Don't need a passport to visit PR (super plus)!
- Caribbean beaches, music, food, and fun are a part of this island destination
- English and Spanish widely used all over PR
- Uber readily accessible (though no airport pick-ups allowed)
- Some of the best beaches in the world are in PR (Culebra Island)!

Cons (though I didn't experience many):
- Island-time is a thing... be prepared to wait (especially in restaurants).
- It's hot (but that's not too bad in and of itself), prepare for heavy rain and mosquitos depending on your months of travel.

All and all, the weather, food, and easy going island life make this an ideal vacation destination!. 

The following pic is of us enjoying Culebra Island. This beach is extremely comparable to the amazing beaches of Thailand; however, it's less crowded and closer than a trip to SE Asia from mainland US.

Puerto Rico has one of the most beautiful National Rain Forests in the U.S. El Yunque National Park is a stunning sight to be seen with hiking trails, natural waterfalls, and amazing grounds for relaxation and peace. We completed a 30 minute hike towards the waterfalls known as La Mina Cascades and did so with a party of 11 --- all varied fitness levels and ages. We did it quite easily, so it can be done. 

Plus, your reward is enjoying a dip in a gorgeous waterfall, this is my husband fully immersed in the falls.. 

What I've shared is just a glimpse of what is sure to be a beautiful tropical vacation for you and yours. 

Let me know what Latin American country you've visited or would love to visit and why in the comment section below!

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