Thursday, December 15, 2016


I listen to a lot of podcasts, one of my current favorites is called Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People.  The idea is pretty awesome, the host posts on Twitter that he is recording and who ever gets through talks with the host for one hour about anything they want. They just can reveal who they are. No names.

A recent episode had a girl talking about how she makes ASMR videos. Like me the host had no idea what ASMR videos were. ASMR stand for Autonomous sensory meridian response. Turns out they are videos of people whispering and making soft noises that are suppose to give you a static or tingling sensation from you head and down your back. It is used as a way to help people fall asleep.

Apparently this is a super popular thing. This video has over 6.8 million views! Million.

Have you ever heard of ASMR?
Do you think it would help you relax and sleep?