Friday, November 4, 2016

When your kid is totally behind...

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Yeah, that's my kid! No doubt, behind! Granted it's his first year in formal schooling and it's very much pre-k, but I must ask: how are all the other kids this far along? I religiously volunteer in my kid's transitional kindergarten class and I can barely get mine to recognize letters correctly while the rest of the students appear to be rhyming and grasping basic math. One must not compare, I get it. But one can be honest. And my kid is typically behind.

Lot's of reasons for that. 1. My hubby taught our older children basics before schooling even began. In fact, the oldest was fully reading. 2. This child is third in our home and began school earlier than his siblings (he's going to be in kinder two years, so can we consider year one a loss?). 3. He was raised with so much love and care, but no formal schooling. This child of mine was in an at-home day care and in grandmother's care for all of his young life, so basically less counting and more feeding, less learning and more playing. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but here's the kicker.... he rebels with the formality and structure of schooling.

My little guy gets SO frustrated the minute he can't understand something and that's about every other minute. I feel for him and granted I only observe while in class one hour weekly. I felt horrible at first and then I kicked myself for going there. He will catch up. This is normal. And we can help!

We have to be so on top of homework (which is practice time for understanding letters, numbers, and practicing his fine motor skills). We have to never compare him to others. And, we have to keep it cool -- very cool. I want to run when he runs. I want to resist when he resists. Naturally, we can't. The best advice I can give when a kid falls behind is to not fall behind too!

It's easier to let it be when they struggle and we want to claim "their young". We shouldn't. I've been more patient than ever before, but also more involved than I expected to be since my other children seemed to be at the status quo. Being in his class helps, so there's that advantage. The hubby does homework and he's good about making sure our little man fully grasps all he's struggle with before he leaves our homework table.

So to all moms and dads feeling their kid is behind: hang in there, help all you can, and ask for more help if you're not seeing a gradual improvement. In our case, my kiddo appears to take a while to grasp a lot, but he always ends up coming through in the end with a clear illustration that he's getting this school thing after all. Now, if only all the other kids would slow down... I kid, I kid. 

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