Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Husband and Wife Slump

Full disclosure: sometimes being married sucks. Now, I don't mean that to be mean, but I can say I've been feeling in a bit of a slump. If you can relate, tell me in the comment section how do you get out of your husband and wife slumps?

This is how I know the hubby and I are in a slump: I haven't necessarily looked forward to our weekly date night. Date nights are meant to be exciting and for years they've been a great way to reconnect and get away from work, parenting, and the routine of everyday that creates good roommates and not great couples!

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Now, this place of awareness is a good place to start to change what feels like a slump. A couple of things he and I need to change right away: strive to keep dates exciting and new,  stop talking about work and kids, and talk about us, oh and no dreaded electronics allowed at date night! Rushing our date and doing the same old, same old, makes this start to feel like a chore and not a joy. 

Next week, we are going on a date night adventure - no doubt! Plus, we are leaving our phones at HOME!

Another consideration: what are we talking about these days? For me, slumps are a product of not being aware of how mechanical the day to day has become. I find that sometimes the hubby and I simply tag team the days away to complete the various commitments we've taken on: kid's soccer, basketball coaching, spanish and art classes, careers, homework assignments, school activities, bills, groceries, chores.... on and on the to-do lists grow, but that doesn't keep marriage exciting. When the slump creeps I begin to shake it up and arrange spontaneous outings. Plus, I ban discussions about logistics and managing our household and children. Basically, how quickly can we get back to that feel good sexiness that brought us together in the first place. It can't all be romance and spontaneity, but that should also never fall away altogether. 

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Finally, acknowledge what is. If I didn't call this slump a slump we'd be fooling ourselves and more of the same would persist, and, that's an injustice. Everyday can't be an exciting adventure but make sure to keep love at the forefront making sure love slumps don't turn into broken unions and unhappy homes. We all deserve great loves, families, and lives and keeping slumps at bay ensures that's what we end up with!

What's your anti-slump marriage strategy?

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