Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kindergarten Blues: Embracing Homework

My almost five year old began transitional kindergarten wanting nothing to do with homework...

A few things that worked for us to turn this attitude around:

• Pick a usual spot to do work and keep work - this spot they may dread for a little while but before you know it they independently gravitate to this space at homework time. It helps to pick the same time of day to do homework daily.
• Have a cooperative older child set the example - the key here is having an independent child work in front of the child and not distract the apprehensive little one.
• Celebrate even the smallest wins - my husband would chant excitedly after all small victories. He'd say "you got this" and suddenly my little one would say to me "don't help me mom... I got this!"

Those tips seem simple enough and yet they may not work right away.

Keep in mind, a child will be frazzled if you are. The most important thing here is to keep your cool and stay patient even when you find yourself frustrated by homework woes.  It is most critical  that they enjoy homework time eventually and this will happen at whatever speed works best for them. Plus, you don't want to create a mood of resistance for homteurk year after year based on how the time was set early on!

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