Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How I let my team "SLACK" off!

My office now minimally deals in dreaded emails with overflowing inboxes and missed assignments. Slack is a team FREE communication tool that revolutionized how we do business day-to-day. There's quite a handful of reasons to use slack (available on mobile devices and desktops), and here are some of my favorites:

#1. Say no to long emails: Slack is much like the old school AOL IM model in nature only it's organized by channels and topics and is much cooler than the static AOL IM. Everything you need to discuss with team members in organized in open or private groups with one or more team members. You can also share files in channels which is a great way to share/store important documents. I no longer comb through email search results to find that one email I needed or to remember something essential.

#2 Reminders: In Slack you're able to use simple "coding" commands to program different functions. My fav. it the reminder function. The system programs reminders, do not disturb settings, and so much more. The reminder tool (quick command /remind) keeps me organized in a way that helps this CEO keep her team accountable.

#3. Organized chaos: important attachments live in one simple place organized in the most appropriate channel using the pin or star feature. Easily pin or star a file or even a conversation to later find what you need without scouring through old emails. 

#4. Mobile-friendly app: Slack has the most effective mobile interface I've ever used.  The desktop and mobile app are identical, fast, and straightforward enough to remain plugged in while on the go. This tool makes working remotely a breeze.

#5. Other useful apps can be easily integrated to work well within Slack. My team, for instance, creates spreadsheets using Airtable (another amazing tool) and changes made there get automatically synched on Slack to notify the team a.k.a team members on a channel based on a topic.

Costs? Slack offers 4 pricing options, but we’ve been on the free plan and loving it.

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