Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fun and Easy Halloween Treats

Chocolate and pretzels are just a sure fire winning combination! It's one of my favorite because it combnines the classic sweet and salty. And I was surprised how super easy it is to make at home!

Your basic ingredients are...

  • melting chocolate (you can find it at craft stores in all kinds of colors)
  • pretzels
  • wax paper
  • a fork
And the basic recipe is...
  • Melt chocolate per instructions on the bag.
  • Dip pretzels in the melted chocolate
  • Use a fork to remove pretzel from chocolate and place on wax paper
  • Chill
There are some great way to personalize and turn this simple recipe into something for any holiday or occassion. 

Make cute little jack-o-lantern ones by using orange melting chocolate and adding a green M&M as a stem, Apply when the chocolate is still wet! 

Turn your pretzel treat into a zombie or alien. Use white or even green melting chocolate to cover the pretzel. Then after you placed it onto the wax paper, fill the holes in with different colors for the eyes. You can even add different color sprinkles or candy eyeballs!

These fun treats are sure to go fast. Like scarey fast! 

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