Thursday, September 29, 2016

School Apps

So school is now in full swing. We have settled into our routine. In our house my oldest went from homeschool to full-time junior high this year. It was a big transition but she is doing great and loving school. The charter school she is at uses the website PowerSchool to record grades and communicate with parents. There is even an app for my phone.

The app is up to the minute and even will send a notification to me through my phone if my child's grade has gone up or down. I thought this was going to be awesome and a great way for me to make sure my junior higher is staying on track and see what things she is studying and what assignments are due and when. 

And this is a great idea, but when left in the hands of a completely obsessive Mom like me it is too much. There was one time when a teacher must have been inputting grades at like 11 at night because at the time, my phone dinged and I got a notification that my kids English grade had dropped from a 100% to an 80%. This was a big drop and I had to get up and look over her assignments and even email the teacher. Yes all this at 11pm. 

When I was in school my Mom only knew what my grades were when reports cards came out. I am seeing my kids grades in real time! I find myself opening and checking this app as much as I do my Instagram! Although this app is suppose to help parents stay informed. It's stressing me out! 

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