Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Netflix Review: Stranger Things

Everyone is binge watching on this one. I mean everyone. Okay, if you haven't stared, you must. Stranger Things premiered midsummer and apparently it took Netflix by storm. This tale is based in the 1980's and hits all the right notes of suspense, 80's nostalgia, and creepy sci-fi.

The story hooks you from episode 1, and with only 8 episodes, it's a weekend take down. I likely finished the series in 36 hours. It's that good. Granted, I didn't sleep much.

Stranger Things tells the tale of a mysterious child disappearance, government conspiracies, and one kick ass little girl named Eleven or "El" for short. The story told weaves mystery, suspense, and real life emotions all into one. It keeps you on the very edge of your seat and every episode is better than the last. It's that good.

I must say its a refreshing story line that brings back the powerhouse that is Winona Ryder and a band of youthful newcomers that steal every scene they're in similar to the classic, ET, Stand by Me, or the more lighthearted, Sandlot.

Tune in and thank me later. Oh and get ready! Season two is slated for a 2017 release that includes 9 sure-to-be thrilling episodes.

What's your favorite Netflix show?

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