Thursday, September 8, 2016

Apple's Special Event: Introducing the iPhone 7

First off...

Super Mario is coming to the Apple App store!!! Yes we are going to be able to play Super Mario Run on our iPhones sometime before the end of the year!  

Next up there was talk about all the good things Apple is doing. Specifically the ConnectEd, a program that helps bring technology into schools that could otherwise not afford it. Apple is supporting 114 school and donating more than 50,000 ipads to students. They have also created the "Everyone Can Code" program that teaches everyone to code through the Swift Playground app.

There was some talk about iWork and new features on the Apple Watch. Oh and Pokemon Go will be coming to Apple Watch! Also there is a new hiking app called ViewRanger that works even without a signal.

But what we really all wanted to know was..


Well lucky for you I watched the entire event and I have the highlights on the latest and greatest in apple products. 

  • Apple will be releasing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. So just like with 6 you will have the gigantic, doesn't fit in your backpocket option.
  • It will come in 5 colors. Yes 5! Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and a new super fancy super shiny Jet black. 
  • It will come in 3 storage options: 32G, 128G and 256G! 
  • The design of the phone is much more sleek and seamless. 
  • Super awesome feature is that it will be water and dust resistant. Very cool. 
  • The weak speakers of the old iPhone are gone. The new speakers on the 7 and 7+ are two times louder than the old ones! 
  • The camera will now be a 12 megapixel camera and the forward facing one will be a 7 megapixel. Your selfies just got a whole lot better.
  • Now every new iPhone boosts the camera is better and 7 is no exception. What is pretty awesome is that with the 7+ you get 2 cameras. Yes 2. One is a wide angel and the other is a telephoto lens. This always for smooth and crystal clear zoom up to 10 times! Your stalker photos of celebrities will no longer be fuzzy! 
  • Earpod have been changed to a lightning cord, you know like the power cord on 6. So the same jack you plug in your power cord will be the plug for your earpods. Apple will also include a earpod adapter so that you can use old earpods with the new phones. How nice of them, 
  • Now you are probably wondering... what if I want to use my earpods and charge my phone at the same time? Well in late October, Apple will be coming out with "Airpods" and yes they are wireless earpods for your iPhone. They look amazing and come in a cool case that charges them for you. One charge will give you 5 hours of listening time. These babies will set you back $159!
  • The new iPhone will run off the latest in processors. The A10 is twice as fast as the processor in the iPhone 6 and 240 times faster than the processor in the original iPhone! 
  • They have also improved the battery life. The new iPhone 7 will have an average of 2 more hours of life than the 6. 
You can order your new iPhone 7 for $649.00 or 7+ for $769.00 as early as Friday, September 9th. Phones will start shipping out on September 16th. 

So will you be ordering a new iPhone 7? 

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