Thursday, August 25, 2016

#TBT- Dating your Wife: Guest post by Diego Q.

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Happy to have one of our favorite male contributors on today. Diego Quevedo married to HerMamas' co-creator Irene agreed to a brief interview during their most recent date night (a weekly occurrence in their marriage) and here's what he had to say about Dating His Wife...

Q. Why date (after 8 years of marriage and 11 years together)?

A. Because I'm still trying to get in her pants. No really, to make my wife feel more connected to me which makes it easier to get in her pants. Honestly, with our busy schedules, having spontaneous dates can be difficult. Scheduled dates give us something to look forward to every week.

Q. Describe Your Favorite Date Night?

A: A good meal followed by good conversation and a new experience (i.e. trying a new cuisine together). 

Q. How Do You Mix it Up and Keep Date Night Interesting?

A. Commit to something new every date night. That could be a new restaurant, activity or simply a new city to explore. The newness makes our relationship feel what it did in the beginning... excitement. It is as if we're on a little adventure together.

Q. What's Your Advice For Couples Who Say Routine Date Nights Just Aren't Possible? 

A. Weekly might be too much for some couples. Instead opt for monthly outings. There's always time for each other. Make the time.

Q. You're Known To Also Date Your Kids? Why?

A. For the same reason I date my wife, one-on-one mutually devoted time is crucial to a healthy relationship.

Q. If You Won The Lottery Tomorrow How Would You Spend Your Next Date Night? 

A. Surprise the wife with a "quick" flight to Paris for a lovely dinner at a Parisian Bistro! 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#WBW- Your Morning Routine

As you may have noticed we have taken an unexpected break from HerMamas. We didn't meant to. We didn't want to but work and life has been so busy for us. All good things, but even good things take up our time. As we get back up and running with new content for you we are going to be bring back blasts from the past with...

This post was originally posted on 9/5/2012!!


Most kids have just gone back to school. Those lazy summer days are gone and now its time for that frantic morning routine! It seems like no matter what time I wake up, I am always rushing. Last school year when my kid got her 5th tardy slip I knew I needed to find a way to make our morning routine run smoother. Here are a few great tips that have helped my kid get to school on time!

  • Lay out clothes the night before. Not just the kids clothes, but everyone’s clothes. Then there is no time wasted trying to figure out what to wear.

  • When it comes to breakfast, know what you are going to make beforehand. I save the things that take time to cook like french toast for the weekend. A bowl of yogurt with fruit or granola is quick and healthy! 

  • If your kids are big cereal eaters you can set up breakfast the night before. Leave a bowl of cereal on the table covered in plastic wrap. Then place a cup of milk in the fridge on a shelf you kid can reach. Then they can serve themselves cereal and you won’t have to worry about a mess.

  • Take showers and baths the night before.

  • Have your kids homework checked and backpack packed and waiting by the door.

  • Pack lunches the night before. You can save even more time by making a weekly lunch menu. I know for me, trying to put together a well-rounded lunch takes me so long. Having it all written out beforehand really saves time. 

  • Stick to a routine. This way you know everything that needs to get done is done. To help my daughter stick to this routine I made a reminder list for the bathroom.    

A smooth morning routine can give you a great start to your whole day! 

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