Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Meet Laurie Hernandez

Laurie Hernandez will be traveling to Rio to represent the Red, White and Blue on the USA Women's Gymnastic team. She has become America's Sweetheart. Here are 10 facts about Laurie...

  1. She was born in 2000. Yup she is only 16 years old which makes her one of the youngest Olympian athletes on Team USA. 
  2. She started gymnastics at the age of 5! 
  3. Her real name is Lauren Hernandez.
  4. She is from New Jersey. 
  5. In 2014 she had to have knee surgery. 
  6. Her pre-performance ritual is to place her hand on her belly and feel herself breathe. 
  7. She is Puerto Rican and is the first US-born Latina to make the women's Olympic team since 1994. 
  8. She has been homeschooled since 3rd grade and has aspirations to attend University of Florida
  9. Her nickname is "Human Emoji" because she is so expressive. She is known for her "sass"
  10. When her gymnastic career is over she wants to be an actress. 

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