Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How Pokemon Go Salvaged Our No Good Very Bad Day

First Blink-182 releases a new album (and a very good one in my opinion!) and now Pokemon is super relevant again. It's like 1991 all over again.

Have you noticed a lot more people wandering your neighborhood with a phone in their hands? Chances are they are playing the new phone app game "Pokemon Go". Just like in the 90's you can now "catch 'em all" but this time with GPS. The game is simple, you wander around looking for Pokemon and for places to earn Pokemon balls to catch them. Most places are churches or community centers and landmarks. Pokemon appear randomly as you travel around.

Now I wasn't a big Pokemon kid. Frankly I was a bit too old for the first go around, but my kids know about it from the card games. Sunday was a rough day for the family. It started with a tantrum by the youngest, then the oldest got sick and we had to cut our weekend vacation short and head home. We were all grumpy and spent the day in separate rooms. By the end of the day I knew we needed something to salvage the day. I had been seeing all these Pokemon Go apps posts on social media, so I downloaded the app and gathered the troops and we got into the car and the hunt was on. Since it was night we opted to drive around, and while Poppa drove the girls and I gave directions and gathered about 7 Pokemon. We had fun and ended what was a rough day on a good note.

So are you playing?

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