Thursday, July 7, 2016

Black Lives Matter, Period!

The debate is thick. One side thinks all lives matter. But do they really? Whites and Blacks are treated completely different in this country. That's my belief and it isn't anything new, I know. Plus, it's a belief I don't see our country proving wrong any time soon.

It's not about "ALL lives matter" at this point. It's about advocating for Black lives and doing all we can to stand up for their human and god-given right to equality. We've all been impacted by this epidemic, while Black Americans bare the brunt in bloodshed with tragedy after tragedy. Black lives are being ripped from this country as if this was some kind of civil war.

Black citizens lose their freedom, or worse, their lives over minutiae... a speeding ticket, a candy bar, a suspicion. It's utterly outrageous and equally outlandish. Not one person can say this is the case for White America. As a Latina born and raised in Inglewood CA., I can identify with the struggle, but I also CAN'T. 

I can't even begin to image the terror of having my brothers and sisters senselessly murdered at the hands' of police officers sworn to protect. I can't imagine raising a Black teenager and literally fearing for his or her life at the hands' of law enforcement. I can't imagine being subjected to chronic racism by a broken system that has resulted in over 500 innocent lives lost this year alone.

To me, the only time ALL LIVES MATTER is when we are one voice speaking out against the hate crimes inflicted upon our Black brothers and sisters. All lives need to protest, boycott, and demand justice next to our African American citizens, for them, and only them. This is about their lives and their humanity for all of humanity's sake. 

It is not enough to be shocked by the viral videos, speak around the watercooler because of the latest TV actor who stirs us with a passion for change, or secretly share our distaste for the hatred and DO NOTHING ELSE. 

Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Whites... on and on must unite to fight for the Black Lives Matter movement. Enough with being bystanders in the struggle. Speak up and speak loudly to demand the change required in this country. This is a deeply broken and systemic issue that only ends if all citizens stand together to declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Act  Now. Act Today.

Ways to join and strengthen the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement! 

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