Friday, June 3, 2016

You know you're getting old when....

... You throw your back out doing Zumba (true story, not proud)! 

... Know one quite gets your slang. I just yelled MODED in a staff meeting and the early 20- somethings looked puzzled.

... Babies just don't do it for you anymore. Instead of 'oohing and awwing' you're ready to hand the little alien back at the first squirm.

.... You can't make it through a night on the town without swollen feet and a hunkering for street dogs, tacos, or both.

.... You spend more time organizing closets and shelves than applying makeup or shopping.

... You ask anyone and everyone to help you manage a simple remote. 

... The hottest celebrity and A-list movie stars could have been your child or every hot guy you ever crushed on has grandkids and gray hairs -Ugh!

... You have to use the zoom feature on your PC to type and read!

... You only have the strength to type a list of 9 "you know you're getting old" lines and nothing more!

Share your personal "you know you're too old" lines 
in the comment section below!

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