Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jet Blue Rewards Crying Babies

Flying with a baby anytime soon? 

SCARY! Well, at least for parents, oh who am I kidding, passengers get scared too. Who hasn't spotted the big eyes on flyers watching a baby enter the plane, likely thinking, "I hope that baby doesn't cry the whole flight!"

For parents, flying with child is one of those moments you pray all the Gods are in your favor. I know firsthand the angst of hoping everything goes well so you didn't find yourself with a stuffy infant, crying due to cabin pressure, and yelling into strange earlobes while you're buried in the middle seat. Boy, I've seen and experienced the process. It's a process that includes navigating a small plane aisle with the largest diaper bag known to man, carting a bigger than average baby, and enduring a combination of sad eyes and annoyed stares from sympathizers and judgy-types alike. The latter really having NO CLUE. Because don't you just appreciate non-parents judging parents?

... NOT!

They don't have a clue how hard this all really is. Parenthood isn't easy and carting a baby on an airplane will teach you that in less than a millisecond. Now, I don't know if the following scenario was real, but the level of baby acceptance and incentivized understanding meant everything to me.

Thank you Jetblue, thank you!


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