Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trips Not Gifts

In my house we have birthday season. My husband and oldest daughter have the same birthday and my youngest is 10 days later. At this time every year I would to contemplate what we are going to get them for their birthday. I was always pricing the latest gadget or toy that I just knew will be left in a pile in the playroom in just a few months. I know that I am going to spend a lot of money on things. Frankly things they just don't need. So I made up my mind that for my birthday crew we are going to do trips and not gifts. Take the money that we would have spent on a party and presents and go somewhere we have never gone before.

This year we headed to the Central Coast of California. More specifically, Morro Bay and Monterey Bay. My youngest is obsessed with sea otters and so I researched the best places to see them in the wild and Morro Bay was at the top of the list. We spent 4 days seeing just how beautiful the California coast is. We not only saw sea otters, but we got to see elephant seals. We stayed in hotels and took a dip in the pool. We had some great meals and our last stop was to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we took a behind the scenes tour of the sea otter rescue center.

These 4 days were amazing and weeks later my kids are still talking about it. I know that this will be a trip and birthday they will never forget. Now...where to next year?

Friday, June 10, 2016


Last week I read the 12 page statement that the victim of the Stanford rapist read to the judge. It was a rough read and I can't believe that this young woman had the strength to stand up and read this.

Like most of the world I am outraged with the judge's sentence and disgusted with the rapists father statements. As I read more about this rapist and his background it was clear to see that he belongs to the generation of kids who are being treated like royalty and given anything and everything they want without questions. So the idea of consent may have been hard for this spoiled brat to understand.

Thankfully a police department made a video that helps anyone understand what consent means...

Friday, June 3, 2016

You know you're getting old when....

... You throw your back out doing Zumba (true story, not proud)! 

... Know one quite gets your slang. I just yelled MODED in a staff meeting and the early 20- somethings looked puzzled.

... Babies just don't do it for you anymore. Instead of 'oohing and awwing' you're ready to hand the little alien back at the first squirm.

.... You can't make it through a night on the town without swollen feet and a hunkering for street dogs, tacos, or both.

.... You spend more time organizing closets and shelves than applying makeup or shopping.

... You ask anyone and everyone to help you manage a simple remote. 

... The hottest celebrity and A-list movie stars could have been your child or every hot guy you ever crushed on has grandkids and gray hairs -Ugh!

... You have to use the zoom feature on your PC to type and read!

... You only have the strength to type a list of 9 "you know you're getting old" lines and nothing more!

Share your personal "you know you're too old" lines 
in the comment section below!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jet Blue Rewards Crying Babies

Flying with a baby anytime soon? 

SCARY! Well, at least for parents, oh who am I kidding, passengers get scared too. Who hasn't spotted the big eyes on flyers watching a baby enter the plane, likely thinking, "I hope that baby doesn't cry the whole flight!"

For parents, flying with child is one of those moments you pray all the Gods are in your favor. I know firsthand the angst of hoping everything goes well so you didn't find yourself with a stuffy infant, crying due to cabin pressure, and yelling into strange earlobes while you're buried in the middle seat. Boy, I've seen and experienced the process. It's a process that includes navigating a small plane aisle with the largest diaper bag known to man, carting a bigger than average baby, and enduring a combination of sad eyes and annoyed stares from sympathizers and judgy-types alike. The latter really having NO CLUE. Because don't you just appreciate non-parents judging parents?

... NOT!

They don't have a clue how hard this all really is. Parenthood isn't easy and carting a baby on an airplane will teach you that in less than a millisecond. Now, I don't know if the following scenario was real, but the level of baby acceptance and incentivized understanding meant everything to me.

Thank you Jetblue, thank you!