Monday, May 16, 2016

Unicorn Moms

The other day I came across a term to describe a Mom I had never heard before. Now I thought I had heard them all, but "Unicorn Mom" stumped me. I had to google it. Turns out a Unicorn Mom is.....

I think I might be a little bit of a Unicorn Mom. I am by no means perfect. Let me give you my kids hair and clothes for an example. Where one Mom might stress over every outfit and hairstyle, I am just happy if my kids walk out of the house in clean clothes and hair. Most days my 11 year old is dressed like a homeless person and my 6 year old's hair usually looks pretty disheveled. You should see my house. June Cleaver I am not. Most days there are toys strewn all over the house and there is pretty much dirty dishes in my sink 100% of the time. Laundry baskets are always full and my bathroom counters almost always have toothpaste on them.

And enjoys alcohol? Well I may or may not be writing this with a glass of moscato in my hand. I do like myself a good drink. I usually prefer fruity but sometimes a ice cold beer will hit the spot. Just the other day I tried one of those new hard cherry colas. Not bad.

Sense of humor? I think I'm pretty funny. But most importantly I can find the humor in most situations. When the kids spill a brand new box of cereal all over the floor I can laugh, well because crying isn't going to do much.

And not caring what people think? Well I know how we parent our kids is not everyone's cup of tea. And people may think we are crazy to homeschool our kids. But in my heart I know it's the best thing for us so others opinion do not matter.

As for the Bitch and Zero F#&ks given. Well that a bit vulgar for me. Maybe I'm just part Unicorn Mom. 

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