Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New On Netflix This Month

 Is there anything better than having a lazy day that is all about Netflix and Chill? And by Chill I mean actually chilling. Every month Netflix takes away some titles but also adds some new ones.

This month there are some great old movies that you would love to revisit again.

  • Sixteen Candles: A classic 80's flick just in time for prom season. Molly Ringwald is the weird girl who has a crush on the hot Jake Ryan. We have the lovable dork and slightly racist Long Duck Dong. All characters that embody the 1980's. 
  • Pleasantville: How about a young Toby Maguire in Pleasantville? Teens from the 90's have a mishap with  television remote and find themselves stuck in a black and white 1950's sitcom. Can they bring some color into the 50's and more importantly will they make it back? 
  • The Nutty Professor: This is one of my family's favorites. I mean who doesn't like to clap and say "Hercules! Hercules! " Eddie Murphy plays almost every character and is hilarious as each and every one. I even love the message in this movie. It's what's on the inside that counts. 
  • Just Friends: I forgot how much I liked this movie until I saw it on Netflix. Chris Brander, played by the handsome Ryan Reynolds, comes back to his hometown as a sexy successful guy. While home he is forced to remember his awkward high school years as a chubby geek. He reconnects with Jamie, a girl he loved who totally friend-zoned him. This is such a cute and sweet rom-com!
What older films do you love to revisit once in awhile? 

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