Monday, May 30, 2016

Kids Cheat Sheet: Democrats versus Republicans

My kid came home the other day to chat about how racist Donald Trump is. He really knew nothing about him other than what kids were saying at school and the fact that he didn't want him to be president. Now I don't care to defend "The Donald" but it wouldn't be fair to leave the judgment of racist as a stand along opinion. I asked my son what he knew about Mr. Trump and he knew very little, but could describe him as republican. He then asked me to define democrat versus republican and boy was I stumped. Stumped because everything that came to mind was not quite appropriate for a 9 year old such as pro-life versus pro-choice.

In this moment, my son really wanted one of the two to be the good one versus the bad one and the right one versus the wrong one. To me that didn't teach him anything. So I quickly googled how to explain political parties to children and this nifty video popped up.

The video is perfectly simplified, but doesn't make anything necessarily wrong. When talking to my child about the topic I wanted him to remember civic engagement was important. He also should strive to be an informed and active voter. In time I am sure he'll decide for himself what party is best, maybe even one not represented by an elephant or donkey. 

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