Friday, May 6, 2016

Be A Bad Mom

... Well not really, but enjoy the fantasy, and relate to the "struggle" while enjoying Mila Kunis' new film 'Bad Moms'. In the film's trailer, she clearly nails the whole "I am tired of trying to be perfect" meltdown and goes on a hilarious ride with Kristen Bell and Ana Gasteyer in her pursuit of breaking the mold.

How do you feel about this film's premise? Overdone or dead on? Hilarious or just another bit that pokes fun at the pressures of motherhood? 

For me, I believe the movie will likely bring the funny in a way that only overly committed mommas can understand, but I could also see the exhaggerated stance on perfect moms being stepford wives and dads being MIA. After all, the trailer didn't highlight one dad from what I could tell. This day in age, the support fathers play in running a household can be severely downplayed. I am interested to see how this comedy captures the dad piece.

Will you watch?

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