Wednesday, May 4, 2016

$5 Million for Too Much Ice

How many iced drinks have you had at Starbucks? Maybe hundreds? Have you ever picked up your
drink, taken some sips only to only be left with a cup full of ice and no coffee. Well a women in Illinois, after 10 years of buying drinks, has had enough. She is suing Starbucks for $5 million dollars. Yup $5 million for too much ice.

Now maybe she has a point. A Venti iced  coffee is advertised as 24 ounces, but in reality you are getting 14oz of coffee and 10 oz of ice cubes. Well that kinda sounds like a rip-off. But at the same time you are ordering an "iced" beverage. Ice is right in the title. And really Starbucks is great at customizing orders. If I walked in and ordered an iced coffee, light on the ice, they would make it for me.

These kind of lawsuits are ridiculous. I mean this lady went to Starbucks for 10 years. Ordered her iced drinks for 10 years and when a lawyer mentioned there was a potential for a profit a law suit is filed. Where is this $5 million coming from? I sure hope this lady has not spent that much in coffee in 10 years.

So what is going to be the outcome? I think our Starbucks orders will get even more complicated.

"Venti ice coffee, coconut milk, extra shot of espresso, 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla and 5 ice cubes" 

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