Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Will You Go To Prom With Me?

Back in 1995 when prom time came around everyone was a buzz about who was going with who. Lunchtime was prime prom asking time. The brave ones would walk up to their chosen potential date and shyly ask "will you go to prom with me?"  The shyer kids would made handwrite a note asking the most important question of your senior year. That was it. You simply asked someone and if they said yes you color coordinate the dress to the tux to the corsage and boutonniere and you were good to go.

Well kids these days (my goodness I sound so old) have really upped the prom game. Today "prom proposals" are a thing. Gone are the days when a simply note would get you a prom date. Now there is planning, and money and elaborate stunts that need to go into a prom proposal. People are jumping out of cakes and sky writing. It is insane.

This year we are seeing a whole new trend. Prom Entrances! That's right these days you can't just step out of a rented limousine. Now there has to be theatrics and drama. Recently a young girl in the Bahamas sent the bar for prom entrances pretty. She went with a "Sleeping Beauty" theme. She showed up to prom in an ambulance! She was wheeled out on a stretcher dressed in her big white prom dress. She played dead until her date, aka Prince, kissed her. Then she woke up and was ready to dance the night away! Don't believe me? There are pictures... 

Has this generation gone too far when it comes to prom? 

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