Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Switching Off Work Stress

Recently my office work load has tripled. Yes tripled. My company recently purchased another company and has also started our own internship program. This is an exciting time and with the growth comes more stress. Lately I have been finding myself with work constantly on my mind. And with the new responsibilities I find it harder and harder to let work go when the clock strikes 5.

It felt like I was working non-stop. Thinking about excel sheets and payroll reports at the dinner table. Even my weekends weren't as relaxing or rejuvenating as they needed to be. So I made a conscious decision to learn how to flip off the work switch.

  • Prioritize work flow. If I know that the most important things are done I can let the little stuff go until the next day or Monday. 
  • I give myself 10 minutes of down time when I get home. A little time to decompress and allow my mind to switch gears. 
  • Make plans. If my weekend is filled with exciting plans it's easier to take my mind off work. 
  • Find a relaxing mind numbing hobby. For me that's crocheting and knitting. It's easy to let your mind clear when your hands are busy and you are counting stitches. 
  • Remind yourself that work is just a part of your life and the rest of your life deserves your undivided attention too.
It has taken me some time but I am getting better at flipping the switch. 

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