Friday, April 1, 2016

Reading Slump

All these books and nothing to read! 

I am in a book slump. Like big time. The last 3 books I have picked up I just haven't been able to get through them. Nothing has really kept my attention. I have tried memoirs, romantic comedies and even a set of short stories. I thought the short in the short stories would keep my attention. I was wrong. I didn't get half way through it. Usually a book will take me about a week to finish. But I found myself with the same book on my bedside for weeks.

I take my girls to the library every week. And every week I pour through the new fiction section. As I make my way to the kids section. (To get more otter books for my little one) I walk past the young adult section. And every time a few covers catch my eye. For the longest time I wouldn't allow myself to even pick up a book. Young adult books were not for me, they were for well young people.

In the past I have read books that have been recommended to me that I have loved that I later found out were from the YA genre. Last year I spent 3 months reading the entire Harry Potter series. But I justified that as just basic required reading for all mankind. Then yesterday at the library I stopped in the YA section. I picked up some books. I read cover flaps and even checked out two. I mean I am in a real reading slump, and who is going to judge me for reading a book that is geared toward teens? 

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