Friday, April 22, 2016

My Broken Purple Heart

If you would have asked grade school me what my favorite car was I would have not hesitated when I answered "little red corvette". At a very young age I fell in love with Prince. So much that despite his suggestive lyrics, I begged my Mom to let me listen to the Purple Rain album over and over again. And of course there was the movie. I remember watching it as a kid, but my Mom somehow censored it. When I watched it again as an adult I was shocked to see the naughty scenes and the end with his father.

The first concert I ever attended was in the mid 80's. We saw New Edition and what I remember most was how before the show the venue was playing loud music. " I Would Die For You " came on and all the cool teens around me started doing hand gestures to the song. They looked something like this....

This blew my mind. I still make these hand gestures when the song comes on. I can remember being in junior high and watching  a video with the song "Sign O' the Times" and having my eyes open to the tragedies around the world. And the song " Let's Go Crazy" I remember being at a family party with my Gomez side of the family and all of us were on the dance floor. We were happy and having such a good time. "Lets's Go Crazy" started and my Tia Helen yells "This is the Gomez Family theme song!" . I think of that and my family every time that song comes on. I remember New Years Eve 1998. I was at my friend Angela's house for a New Years party. I remember when midnight struck we all danced to "1999" by Prince.

But I think my all time favorite Prince song is " Adore". Uhhh I love that song. I can remember having it on a constant rotation when I first met my husband.

I was so heartbroken to hear of his passing. I was stunned. Prince always felt like he was beyond human. He almost seemed ageless. Like from another world. His style and creativity were above the real world. My husband tried to comfort me and reminded me that though we lost him, his music is ours forever. So I will blast " When Doves Cry" and dance like a maniac to "Baby I'm a Star".

Rest in Purple Velvet Prince. 

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  1. I have sobbed and danced and sobbed since I found out.


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