Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beyoncé's Visual Album (Lemonade) is EVERYTHING!

Yes, a visual album because this is queen B after all. You'd be living under a rock if you didn't catch wind of Beyoncé's surprise album release which was both a full length album and an hour long music video depicting every song through imagery and deeply profound lyrics.

Lyrics led everyone to believe Beyoncé has been severely cheated on, forgiven set cheating, and eventually focused on the bigger issue at hand: #blacklivesmatter. Beyoncé is this generation's icon and she knows how to break the Internet. In fact, I recently asked a group of 20 somethings who would be their Michael, Whitney or Prince to which they unanimously replied, Beyoncé. She's a legend.

If you're in the rare minority that hasn't heard or seen Lemonade, check out the new album and visual film exclusively on Tidal (or all over social media) and enjoy these hilarious memes after you've done so...

What did you think of Beyoncé's album #lemonade?

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