Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When Art Speaks To You

A fellow Hermana posted this picture up on social media last week and it stopped me in my tracks. I love art and chicana art is my absolute favorite genre. But this piece just spoke to me. This is a piece by the artist Sheila Garrett Rodriguez. She is an artist who works in different mediums like tapestry, embroidery, sculpture, paint and even performance, You can see some more of her amazing work on her website. I have searched for a name for this piece with no luck. If you know please leave us a comment and tell us the name!

I love everything about it. The papel picado is beautiful. I love papel picado so much a banner hangs from my mantel. The colors of the serape or rebozo around her shoulders take a step away from the traditional colors. I love this because I feel it represents the Chicana experience. The idea of living within a culture and being raised in another. Keeping the tradition but evolving a little. The corn in her arms takes me to my Tata. Every summer he grew rows and rows of corn so that my family could have "corn parties" over the weekend. In this piece the corn is being cradled, like a child. Just like my Tata cared and loved us. As if all that wasn't enough this image had an exposed heart. This imagery always makes me think of motherhood. The idea that when you have children your heart is walking outside your body. The rawness your heart feels when you are a mother. But the knitting needles stuck inside with the small piece of knitting. Well that just brought it all together and made me feel like this was painted just for me. When you have a super busy job, homeschooling 2 kids, juggling activities, running a house and writing for 2 blogs there is nothing that I enjoy more than relaxing with some yarn and knitting needles. Next to reading it is my favorite hobby.

Now what the artist meant when she made this piece is probably completely different than what looking at it means to me. But that is the beauty of art. 

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