Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Way Back Wednesday: Fashion Edition

I have followed every fashion trend possible. Lately, boots with tights is all I am rocking, but that might just be my trend, lol. One day I'll look back and think, 'what was I thinking'? Truth is, we all do that whether with our outfits, hairstyles, or even the people we dated. With fashion, we've all been swept up by current fades and usually during multiple decades since one things is certain with fashion... it always repeats itself. Denim looks and overalls can attest to that!

Bringing me to my first fashion faux pas. I wore overalls in my youth and loved them! 
I often looked like a combination of everything below: 

Image result for trends fashion 80s and 90s

Image result for trends fashion 80s and 90s

Thank God Facebook doesn't have a photo in my memory bank to remind me of
just how I dressed circa 1997!

Clueless defined a whole generation of looks for teen girls. In fact, this style directed my every move during shopping mall excursions in 1995, and to be completely honest, I liked this stage of my evolution. I rocked the knee-high stalkings, babydoll shoes, and patterned mini-skirts. Couldn't rock it now, but I proudly wore it then.
Image result for trends fashion 80s and 90s

Flannel, flannel, flannel...
Clearly, I was a true 90's girl. Like many, I too had a Nirvana phase. 
That phase meant flannel everything, yes everything, undies too! 

Image result for trends fashion 80s and 90s

The last fashion trend I was all about includes 'Jelly' shoes... better known as these transparent, uncomfortable, plastic shoes pictured below. I had them in every shade and paid ridiculous prices for PLASTIC shoes that made my feet STINK!
Image result for trends fashion 80s and 90s
What fashion trends do you regret or miss?

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