Thursday, March 10, 2016

Visiting the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

Looking for a quick and easy day-trip in the LA area? Get out of the busy bustle of Hollywood or Downtown and venture to the Westside. The Getty Museum (free admission 24/7) perched above a gorgeous skyline is more than a scenic excursion to be seen. My family of five (kids ages: 4, 5, and 9) loved more than the stunning landscapes and exterior photo ops.

I mean how exciting to begin a museum visit with a tram ride over the 405 freeway winding through lush greenery, beautiful mountains and trees?

Bring board games and lay out in this gorgeous garden! It's an aromatic ambience with vast views and a fun sculpture garden to explore.

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The family room at the museum is a wonderfully interactive space where students create colorful masks, play in the tube room, enjoy a huge victorian bed surrounded by books, trace insects of all kinds, and much, much more. The mirror room is also a fun maze with stunning photo ops. Kids could enjoy this room for HOURS and quickly puts to rest any belief that museums are boring.

After the family room, make sure to visit the sketch room. This was a huge hit with my kiddos and the excitement was contagious. I got the best pics of my little picassos at work and we brought home each of our sketches which were stamped with "Designed at The Getty Museum". Also, staff who run this part of the museum were excellent with little ones.


All in all, this was the perfect family excursion and we will be back!

What's your favorite family-friendly museum?

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