Monday, March 21, 2016

This Unruly Mess I've Made: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Do It Again with Their Second Album

Light Tunnels: My oldest kid loves this song. What I love about Macklemore and his style is that he is truly a story teller. With this song we get to go along for the ride with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to an award show where they win.

Downtown: This was the first release from the album and was a great counterpart to the big hit Thrift Shop. It's fun and funny and has a hook that you will find yourself singing all day long. You know how you were talking about poppin' tags, this time you will be talking about downtown and contemplating buying a vespa.

Brad Pitt's Cousin: I think this is my favorite song on this album. This song freaking awesome. A great comment on social media and the idea that you can be whoever you want online. How even animals can gain fame on Instagram. Yes even Brad Pitt's ugly cousin.

Buckshot: This song gives me Busta Rhyme vibes. Which I like.  And that's because KRS-1 is on this track. This one is all about graffiti on the wall. Like literally about paint cans and tagging walls.

Growing Up: When I heard that this song with a collab with Ed Sheeran I knew I was going to like it. But then I heard it and I love it. While writing this album Macklemore was waiting for his first child to be born. This song reveals all his worries and hopes for his child. While some of them I can't relate to, (I wasn't on tour when my kid was a baby!) most of it are all the normal fears that first time parents have. Even today as a parent of a 10 year old I am surprised that I am raise a kid when I feel like I am still growing up.

Kevin: This song has been getting a lot of press. We all know that Macklemore had his issues with drugs and alcohol. This song is all about Kevin, a friend who died from an overdose of prescription pills. This song makes a comment on the idea that America is too quick to prescribe a pill and people are abusing way too easily.

St. Ides- Never to shy away from his demons, this song is all about his battles with alcohol. A slower tempo song. Very cool, very chill.

Need to Know- After the success of The Heist came fame and fortune for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. This song sheds some light in how our generation is driven by things. How we battle our demons by buying the best and showing it off.

Dance Off- Before The Heist Macklemore made a few singles and music videos. Back in 2011 he did an awesomely 80's feel video for a song called "and we danced". Think metallic leggings, wigs and sweat bands.  This new jam is just has fun as the old one and has potential for an awesomely 80's music video.

Let's Eat- This is a song that any one of us could have written on January 1st. That time when we all resolve to work out and eat better but then in the end fail miserable and resolve to love ourselves as we are.

Bolo Tie-This song is directed to his haters. To the people who didn't believe in him before he got big. To the fake friends who showed up after he made it. And even those who turned their back after he got famous. That's a lot of haters.

The Train- a slowed up song featuring Carla Morrison with some vocals in Spanish. A song about being on the road and being away from his loved ones. The train sound gives you the feeling that he's conveying. This idea of trying to hold on to something you left behind, but you keep moving further and further away.

White Privelage II- Another controversial song. This song is all about racism and the notion that black lives matter. It's a mix of music and spoken word. Macklemore has been getting a lot of slack for speaking on a topic and for a group that he doesn't belong to. But just like on his song "Same Love", he speaks beautifully and poetically.

What do you think of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' sophomore album? Will it be as big as The Heist? 

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