Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review: Cavalia Odysseo

What a great show this was?

Have you seen Odysseo Cavalia? Brought to you by the co-creator of Cirque Du Soliel. Last week, my agency took students, their mentors and families to view this spectacular performance. Everyone who attended raved about how great the show was

 The show is held at the Big White Top in Irvine, CA. and is extended until May, so get out there!

Some of the highlights: water works, acrobatics, music, and theatrics. 

Plus, did you know this show is put on win the help of 40+ horses? They are really the focus and they are beautiful.nThere's live singing and a band that rocks out! Also, the arena is laid out to make every seat great. Popcorn is free just after admission wraps and it's

Check out Cavalia soon!

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