Monday, March 7, 2016

HerMamas Movie Review: Disney's Zootopia

How does Disney follow-up the undeniable smash success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? With a animated film filled with cute and cuddly talking animal characters. Over the weekend Disney released the movie "Zootopia", and thanks to the constant ads my kids knew the exact opening date and by Sunday they had worn us down, so we took our girls to see it.

Of course the characters were cute and memorable. I loved Jason Bateman as Nick Wild. Once in awhile I could hear Michael Bluth from Arrested Development. The movie was a little darker and scarier than what we expected. There were a few times when I looked over at my 5 year old and she had her hands covering her eyes. During an intense and scary scene she immediately had to go to the bathroom. The main theme of the movie was also a lot more intense than we anticipated. This felt like this was Disney's comment on racism and police brutality. Of course this is something that only parents will catch. Kids are going to walk away with the message about how all people should get along.

The movie was filled with really cute subtle and not so subtle nods to movies like Frozen and TV shows like Breaking Bad. The character Officer Clawhauser brings a lot of laughs to the film. Even with the dark scary scenes and deep theme this was a great family film. 

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