Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eveywhere you look.....

So did everyone binge watch Fuller House over the weekend or was it just me?

Now I know it wasn't just me. All over my social media over the weekend people were commenting and posting photos of themselves deep into the season. Yes Netflix has brought back one of our TGIF favorites. My generation grew up with the Tanner family. We watched DJ, Stephanie and Baby Michelle as they were raised by the super clean Danny Tanner, the sexy Uncle Jesse and the hilarious Uncle Joey. For many seasons we watched the Tanner kids grow up. As the oldest of 3 girls I could so relate to DJ. Plus she had the killer spiral perm with the high bangs.

Fuller House starts about 20 years after Full House ended. DJ is a veterinarian with 3 boys. Just like her father she is a young widow. As the Danny, Jesse and Joey have moved on they have all come back to help DJ. The show starts with the entire cast (well except the Olson Twins!) back at the house. In true Full House fashion, the family rallies around DJ. Stephanie quits her job as a DJ ( and yes she is known as DJ Tanner) to move in with her sister to help. And of course the lovable Kimmie Gibbler and her equally adorable and Latina daughter move in too.

For research purposes I watched the entire series over the weekend. (Your welcome!) I loved it! I hope this is just the beginning of reboots of all our favorite 90's sitcoms. I would want to see what Steve Urkell is up to. Or maybe find out what happened to all those kids from Step by Step.

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