Friday, March 18, 2016

Digital Citizens

There's a huge campaign at my kid's school about being a great Digital Citizen. Of course, this is a thing now. Kids need all the guidance possible to keep themselves and others safe online.

In my house, we have at least 5 digital devices. That's 1 for the each of us. And to think we raised our firstborn for about 5 years without even owning a TV.

The times have changed and we'll need to adapt to those changes. Here's a list to keep in mind when it comes to digital safety and kids:

Are your children aware of these great tips? Last night, my son said to me, "we don't have bullying at my school because we have mental toughness and stand up for ourselves!" That to me was everything and then I jumped in to examine if he had the same assurance when it came to his digital footprint and his online habits! 

Have you had this chat with your kiddos lately??? 

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