Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Birth Control On My Mind

I have had birth control on my mind. After not having to worry about it at all for 5 years thanks to an IUD, I am now weighing my options. I had originally planned to have a second, 10 year IUD placed but I had a pretty awful procedure getting my IUD removed that I am rethinking that option. Over the 25 years that I have been on birth control,  I have used the pill, condoms, spermicide tabs, nuvaring and an IUD. Each had their drawbacks. Some I had to remember daily, others were messy, some gave me awful PMS, and others were too expensive. It is awesome that as women there are so many options for us when it comes to birth control. But as a person who has a hard time making a decision its tough! 

I would prefer something long-term, something I don't have to remember daily, and something my insurance covers. The IUD is still the only thing that checks all the boxes. Plus with 10 years of effectiveness it may carry me into menopause. Of course there is always the vasectomy route. 

You can read all about my traumatizing procedure over on my personal blog by clicking HERE

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