Monday, February 15, 2016

Would you fail the test?

I was recently watching one of those funny clips where random folks got quizzed on a university campus. So many young adults struck out on questions regarding American History. Would you strike out too?

These same folks didn't miss a pop culture beat. They could rattle off everyone in the entire Jersey Shore cast, but didn't know who was our current Vice President. That to me is scary and yet I am guilty of this too. I was recently abroad and didn't remember who was the current CA governor. Sad, but true! Eventually the answer came to me and I tentatively rattled off.... 

"Jerry Brown?" 

Just like that as if I was asking and not confidently sharing what I knew to be fact.

Let's all do ourselves a favor and remember to keep our politics to ourselves but not the facts! We don't need to discuss who we'll vote for in future elections, but God almighty, we should know who's currently running our great country!

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