Thursday, February 18, 2016

Texting and Driving Narc

Yesterday my Facebook friend Vero C. posted a great question on her wall. She asked...

Question of the day:
If you saw your friend's teenage child driving and texting.....would you tell your friend? 

The response was unanimous. She had a bunch of people respond and they all had the same answer: YES! Statistics show that 77% of teens think that they can text and drive safely. 55% of them claim that not only can they text and drive but it's easy. Statistics also show that in 2011 23% of auto accidents included cell phones. 

It could be really awkward to have to talk to a friend about their child misbehaving. It was hard when they were little, and it does not get any easier. Some people could take offensive and get defensive when being confronted. But the alternative is just not an option. As one friend commented so simply and beautifully...

Yes. It might save their (or someone else's) life


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