Monday, February 8, 2016

Strong is Beautiful

We all love the commercials during the Super Bowl. While scrolling through Facebook during the big game a Pantene ad video come up on my feed. The video was absolutely adorable with a message that means a whole lot to me.

How cute are these football player Poppas combing their daughters hair? Growing up my Mom would never send us to school without our hair perfectly combed. Never a hair out of place. Our braids never unraveled and our parts were perfectly center and straight. I can remember one time for some reason or another my Pops had to comb our hair. Let's just say that we looked very different that day. I can remember my teaching asking me if my Mom was okay.

In our house that is a daily occurrence. My husband has our girls in the morning and he combs our 5 years old hair every weekday. Our Louie has very very long hair. And I have to admit it he is better at it than I am. His braids never unravel and his parts are on point. He is the ultimate in Dad-Dos.

But behind the cuteness is a really powerful message. Girls who spend more time with their Dads become stronger women. Our girls have grown up with their Dad as their primary caregiver. He spends the most time at home taking care of the girls. As a Mom who sees herself as a strong woman I am very conscious about how my actions are being watched by my daughters. This commercial was a great reminder that my husbandand his actions are just as important in raising strong women. 

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