Monday, February 29, 2016

New Music Monday: Artists That Bring The Sexy

Over a year ago, I was obsessed with Banks! Her voice, her lyrics, and the sensualness of her album. Banks surfaced on the radio, but only for a split second or two. Once her music was played out (by me mostly), I was left wanting more of the same.

Last fall saw the birth of two very similar artists that bring the sexy:

Alina Baraz (EP: Urban Flora)
Cloves (Album: XIII)

Let's start with Alina's Urban Flora; this is one sexy EP. If you're looking for a steamy sound pick this up. Now, when I say "sexy" I don't mean sexy-time exclusive, but boy does it apply. Alina makes me want to enjoy a glass of wine by the fire with a good book or make love. It's just that type of sensual tone that could be enjoyed in individual calm or intimate chaos. Check out "Fantasy" or "Make You Feel" to get a taste of this album.

Clove's album is just as smooth, and like with Urban Flora, you're able to escape in the sensual soft of her deeply sentimental lyrics and beautiful melodies. Clove's is the kind of music that lightens your soul after a busy day of multitasking. "Frail Love" is my favorite song in the album and I actually discovered Cloves while listening to "Everybody's Son" in Starbucks. That's another good one from her recent album.

What new music have you discovered? 

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