Friday, February 26, 2016

More crazy and cute nail trends.

About a year ago I discovered gel manicures and my nail game has been on point ever since. But my nail fashion is pretty tame compared to some of trends I have seen. I mean I may add an accent color, or a dotted line across my ring finger nail. Over the years we have seen things like aquarium nails and sweater nails. I just can't with those.

There is a new trend hitting the nail salons that I just can't get with.

Furry Nails.

Yes nails with fur. Take a look...

That is some werewolf stuff!

There is another new trend that I CAN get behind. Pom-pom nails are a really cute new look you might be seeing. YES! Pom-Pom nails!

They are exactly what you think they are. Little, or big pom-poms glued onto your nails. They are so cute and could be a great way to make your nails more festive!

What do you think of these new nail trends? 

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