Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cheap Dates: Valentine's Day on a Budget

I remember the days my hubby and I didn't have much discretionary income. We lived paycheck to paycheck, but a girl like me still expected a nice gift and/or date night especially around holidays. In these situations cheap dates were better than no dates at all. For a Valentine's Day on a budget, keep things simple, but romantic options open:

• Sunset or Sunrise Hike: surprise your loved one with a romantic trek along a local/scenic trail. Bring along $2 buck chuck (wine) from Trader Joes and other delicious Trader Joes snackems. There's so many good deals on seasonal fruit and veggies. Bring a nice journal along that you've kept moving up to this date... add all of your feelings and all that mushy stuff that makes for a great sentimental gift. You can also address the journal and gift it with the caveat that once it's filled it is returned you - the gifter!

•'Volunteer together: there's nothing better than giving back. Use Valentine's Day to give to great causes. This is not only cheap, but worthy of your time. Fun volunteer activities include beautifying a local community garden, creating care packages for troops via local nonprofit orgs., or picking fruit together at local apple orchards. These fruits are often donated to local inner city groups. What a great way to share love and give back.

•Lavish dessert: a great way to enjoy a fancy venue is to visit without any intention of paying for a pricy meal. For instance, cook a great brunch at home then make plans to share dessert at a five star joint. This works well at a casual 5 star hotel bar known for impressive cityscapes or beach front views. Enjoy the romantic ambiance while saving on a pricy full course meal. This is an especially cost effective plan if you celebrate one day early or late (avoiding Valentine's Day crowds is an added plus).

What are your cheap date ideas???

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