Friday, January 15, 2016

Mozart in the Jungle

It seems like everyone is talking about this show. After winning at the Golden Globes, this Amazon original show is on everyone's radar. The show is in its 2nd season and because I care about y'all I binge watched both seasons for you! 

Now the first thing about this show that caught my attention was Gael Garcia Bernal. I have loved this man since his Y Tu Mama Tambien days. I mean that face and that accent. He plays Rodrigo, the infamous orchestra conductor who takes over the New York Symphony. As the Symphony struggles to stay relevant, Rodrigo struggles with the orchestra, his feelings for his crazy estranged wife and his talented oboe playing assistant. 

A few episodes in, one of my favorite actors, Jason Schwartzman made an appearance as a wacky orchestra obsessed podcaster. I learned that he was not only on the show, but he was a creator and executive producer. Along with Schwartzman, this show was created and produced by Roman Coppola from Moonsoon Kingdom fame and from just Coppola fame in general. (His father is Francis Ford and his sister is Sofia) This explained why I was digging this show so much.

So now that I have done the research for you I can totally recommend binge watching this show on Amazon Prime on your next rainy, stay at home in your pjs day! 

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