Friday, January 29, 2016

Movement Mondays

Gina Rodriguez is a fantastic award winning actress. She is beautiful and more importantly insightful and socially conscious. So when all this talk about the Oscars lacking diversity started, she did not sit back quietly. She took to the powerful tool of social media and made a statement and a movement.

More specifically she started what she calls "Movement Mondays". The concept is to support Latinos culture in all medias. Every Monday, Rodriguez has vowed to highlight a Latino in the industry. Her hope is that by highlighting these people the Latino community will help support them. Without the support Latinos cannot move from the background. We need to show the industry that we want to see Latinos as pop stars, writers, and leading actors.

For her first #MovementMonday she choose to highlight Oscar Isaac.

Gina encourages us all the post on #MovementMonday. I love this idea of showcasing Latinos in the media. It is a great way to show support and find me Latinos to love! 

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