Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Amazon Dash

The future is here people. Have you even been doing laundry and notice that your are low on detergent? You make a mental note to order a new supply from Amazon when you get a chance. Then something happens, you totally forget and the next time you go to do laundry you are out of detergent. Or that dreaded moment when you forgot to buy more toilet paper. Well those days are gone. Amazon has just released their latest product called the "Dash Button" and it looks like this..

Yes they looks like a bluetooth for your cell phone. But how do they work? Well it's simple. You keep this little button near your product. So if you have a diaper dash button keep it where you store your diapers and when you get low you simply press the button and Amazon will be reorder and ship it to you. Yes reordered and shipped to you at the push of a button. This is some Jetson's stuff right here.

Each button costs $4.99 and there is a pretty extensive list of items that have as dash button. You can get trash bags, ziploc bags, water, gatorade, dog treats, Larabars, Mac and Cheese, baby formula and much more. This is so convenient. Too convenient maybe? 

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  1. Again on Amazon, after Dash, with focus on other smaller online retailers and their future in "competing" the giant - If it triggers any interest, please lets discuss


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