Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Zuckerberg and Paternity Leave

We have all heard of maternity leave but paternity leave is still a fairly recent term. The idea of the Dad taking time off work when a baby is born is still a little more uncommon.

As the world found out earlier this week, the Zuckerbergs welcomed their first child into the world. Yes there is a new heir to the Facebook fortune and she is adorable and named Max. As the world congratulates the new family, people are shocked to hear that Mark is going to take a 2-month paternity leave. As a resident of California, Zuckerberg is entitled to a paid leave. California is only 1 of 3 states that offer this for fathers. Even with this great perk many fathers do not take advantage of it. There is still a stigma for men to take time off of work to care of their new babies.

I hope that with Mark Zuckerberg publicly taking paternity leave it can help remove some of the stigma attached. Studies show that when working parents take time off to be with their kids it is better for the whole family. Also parents who take the leave tend to be more involved with their children in the long-term. This is a win-win.

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