Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vacation Safety Tips for Your Home

I am headed on vacation soon and shared a countdown on social media. A fellow blogger commented on keeping the details secret due to social media creepers. I hear that and I don't take her advice lightly. Oversharing vacation plans has definitely led to burglaries of opportunity. 

I get her point completely. So much so I've literally arranged house sitters (multiple), my neighbors are on high alert, and so much more. But, I'll keep those details private. 

Truth be told, one can't be too cautious. Scary, but true. To me, the dates I'll be away will eventually be clear since I'll post on social media while on vacation as so many of us do. 

What's most critical is the safety plan for our home and possessions while we're away. Here are a few tips to consider:

- Arrange house sitters  (not one, but a few). Increase the activity and human presence while you're away to thwart off intruders. This is one clear way to dissuade potential assailants.

- Upgrade security and home monitoring systems such a alarms and cameras (inform the proper alarm company servicemen for extra patrols).

- Store portable valuables (jewelry, cash, safe, etc.) somewhere other than in your home while away.

- Let all neighbors know to be on high-alert, check your mail, home exteriors and such.

- Ensure all insurance coverages are in order before you go. In our case, we're even ensuring our will is current. 

And finally, have fun! After all, material things can always be replaced and no one should ever steal your peace of mind! 

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