Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Most Stressful Part of the Holidays

Christmas Eve is 2 days away and with all the excitement of food and family and giving gifts there is always one thing that makes my holiday stressful.

The Schedule. 

My husband and I both come from big close-knit families. And we both want to be with our families during the holidays. The problem is, our families do not live near each other. My family is in the Ventura County and Central Coast area and his family is in the Los Angeles area. So every year things get heated in our house. The end results is usually 6 hours in the car on Christmas Day. Yes my kids spend most of their Christmas day in the car, on the freeway. Usually complaining that they are hungry or bummed that they can't be playing with their new toys.

Every year it sucks but every year we do it. Neither of us gets a nice relaxing holiday with our family. We just haven't found any other way around it.  

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